Carroll Houston


Senior Collection

Mood Board Senior Collection.jpg

What was the inspiration behind your collection?

The inspiration for my collection was Modern Architecture and Minimalism. I tried to marry those two concepts in my designs. I love that modern architecture focuses on lines, shapes, and functionality. It’s more about the beauty of the line, and form which lends itself to the minimalistic quality. There is a purity, simplicity, refinement, and elegance in those concepts that I found to be refreshing and stimulating. In my research, I found a great source of inspiration in the architectural works of Zaha Hadid and Oscar Niemeyer.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time as a design major?

When I reflect on my time as an ADM major, my biggest accomplishments are completing the program, my senior collection, and graduating in May 2021.

Boatneck Pleated Dress.jpg
Fashion Layout.jpg

What drives and inspires you?

I am inspired by so much but really aesthetics, the beauty found in art. I find beauty in traditional and non-traditional art, it’s the creativity, the imagination, color, and the power of evoking feeling through art.

What made you want to be a fashion designer?

The areas that hold an interest for me are fashion journalism, costume design, fashion history, and fashion restoration. I am drawn to fashion because there is something awe-inspiring to see fabric changed into a work of art. I’ve always been drawn to the complexity of fashion. It is a language in which people can communicate feelings, messages, status, and personalities. In its basic form, it can protect, hide, display and do so much more. There is so much depth and richness that emerges from the manipulation of fabric.

Front View Mock Up Pleated Jacket.jpg

Front View Mockup Pleated Jacket



Final Garments

Duster Jacket with Pleated Detail 1.jpg
Duster Jacket with Pleated Detail 2.jpg
Duster Jacket with Pleated Detail 3.jpg
Pleated Dress4.jpg
Pleated Dress3.jpg
Pleated Dress1.jpg

Experimental Collection

Mood Board.jpg

Mushrooms were the source of inspiration for my experimental collection. I was astounded in my research by the diverse characteristics of mushrooms: shapes, colors, growth patterns, and textures. I was intrigued by the irregular growth patterns and textures seen in some mushrooms such as the Veiled Lady and Wild Chicken. In my garment I use texture and asymmetry as a way to explore that which I found most fascinating  about mushrooms.


Experimental color fashion illustration.