Danna Kim

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“Patch” is about reusing scraps of fabrics and sewing them together in a patchwork like technique. Combining different textures, colors, patterns, designs adds to the uniqueness of a piece. These essentially new fabrics/textiles don’t just have to be used for clothing, it can be used for bags, accessories, anything that requires the use of textiles. For this specific collection, I chose to use greens and browns for warmer, autumnal tones. While I didn’t exhibit the different textures of fabrics on my sketches, my moodboard can give some idea of what fabrics I’d want to see. But ultimately, any and all kinds of fabrics can be stitched together for this concept.

Design Concept: Patch

Danna K.jpeg
Danna K.jpg
What was your experience working on this project?

My experience working on this project was nothing too exciting to be completely honest. with the burnout from school and teachers not understanding/sympathizing with us regarding overworking during this pandemic, it just felt like another assignment that had to be done. although it did give me some more practice with drawing digitally on my tablet along with drawing these types of things. working virtually is difficult, especially when it's not really by choice. either way, I'm excited to see all the other student's work!