Dulce  Amezcua

Visiting Cancun during Spring Break, I asked myself the question: "What was something that everyone used and that can be recycled?" And I came up with wristbands/bracelets. They are used everywhere, as soon as you check in your hotel you receive a wristband stating your status as Regular, VIP, or Luxury. Even in the aquatic parks they use wristbands for entry and there are countless parks like Xcaret, Xel-Ha, or Xplor. Or small attractions like clubbing use wristbands as well. What happens towards the end when the vacation is over? You end up throwing them away and have around 5-6 wristbands. These wristbands are waterproof, tearproof, extremely durable, come in all colors and are recyclable. They are made of the material Tyvek which is polyethylene, and polyester. It can be made into underground cable protection, piping, automotive parts, packaging items. That is only if they are recycled if not they end up in the trash. If hotels were to require their guests to throw their wristbands in a specified bucket there would be millions towards the end of the day. My design would include a bathing suit and a summer dress. For the bathing suit because the wristbands are waterproof you can use them to create a design. My idea was to use regular nylon material underneath for comfort but use the wristbands to create unique patterns and prints. Same thing with the dress cotton would use underneath and the wristbands would be sewn together to create a unique print and create 3-D flowers with the wristbands to be more extra. The overall idea is to use a material and create a fun look with it to continue the summer theme.

Collection: Eco-Travel
What was your experience like working on this project?

Working on this project made me realize that many items can be recycle, if we were all careful and aware of the items we are using, we would not have trash in the landfills. It would have been great to create my sketches because I can get crafty with the colors and materials. It would be an experiment to see what works and what does not work. I love the idea of reusing an item and creating fashion with it. It could change the way we recycle and bring awareness.