Ethan Tervet
Collection Concept: Cult Chic

For this line, I was inspired by the soft pastel lesbian vampire aesthetic of the 1970s. A lot of my references came from films like: The Velvet Vampire, The Love Witch, and The Vampire Lovers. The main characteristics you’d see in the line would be flowy, babydoll/nightgown inspired dresses covered with light layers of veils with various lace
trims and silk bows. Some including blood stains or dirty distressing around the trim of the dresses to give it an ancient, worn feeling. For the color scheme, I would want it to consist of muted or pastel tones of light blues and whites. Colors that evoke a very ghastly presence. The recycled materials that I would use would be from old curtains and drapes found from trashy, rural motels as well as the bedsheets and duvets from old chairs and couches.


During the process of our design project, I thoroughly enjoyed how each of the pieces were structured, and how they came together in the end. Starting with the mood board concept, I had a lot of fun researching different topics that interested me and let ideas gravitate towards me naturally. Not forcing myself into whatever trends may or may not be happening currently. Then trying to see if I could translate those visual cues I selected into actual garment designs was a difficult, but exciting process as well. Being given the creative freedom to design whatever I wanted was
liberating and I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to create within the following school year!

What was your experience like working on this project?