Hailey Thornton 
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Collection: "Something Borrowed Something Blue"
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My design project focused on reusing recycled materials. The title of the design project is “Something Borrowed Something Blue”. This name is inspired by the old wedding rhyme “Something Borrowed Something Blue”. I chose this name because I want to take menswear items and transform them into womenswear pieces, hence “something borrowed”. The “something blue” ties in because all of the pieces would incorporate some shade of blue. I like the look of menswear styles but I wanted to add a different twist on it. For my project, I will be taking menswear items such as suits, button down shirts, jeans, coats etc. and turning them into womenswear pieces. These items could be donated by students or found at thrift stores.  I would like to keep the structure and tailoring of the menswear pieces but make them more form fitting. My goal is to find a balance of masculinity and femininity.

What was your experience like working on this project?

My experience working on this project was very good. I liked being able to use my creativity to work on the different elements of this project. The reuse element of the project really pushed me to be more creative and  innovative.  I think my favorite part was actually designing and drawing my sketches. I wish that we could actually create our designs because I really love the concept that I came up with.