Haja Muhammad

Senior Collection

The collection was inspired by the Regency era. Ever since I watched the television show, Bridgerton, I was inspired by the Regency look. I wanted to make something more 21st century, so I combined that with the Regency era. Other aspects include love, romance, novels/books, movies, and anything on social media. I was also inspired by the cottage core aesthetic and there were a lot of nature elements within this collection.

What made you want to be a fashion designer? 

Through television shows, I watched Barbie and Bratz. I was so obsessed with their fashion style, since then I’ve always been drawing and sketching. I bought my first ($12) sewing machine from Target and started working on projects for my dolls. I stopped during high school and thought of a more realistic career. But I realized, what was the point? It is something that I love and was the most passionate about. From there, I decided to go to school for fashion.

Front Illustrations.png
Back Illustrations.png

Final Garments

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time as a design major?

I don’t think I have accomplished that much as a design major as I want, or the idea of what I wanted to do as a senior. I feel like I was busy with my outside life and haven’t thought about what I want to do in fashion. I don’t have much experience either other than what I’ve learned from school. I’m trying to do a lot more when I’m close to being done. I found someone on LinkedIn who is willing to help me on my designs/journey. In the summer, I might be able to mentor kids and help them learn fashion design, art, and pattern making.