Janeth Lacave Cardenas

Collection: SIN MIEDO


This collection combines two different styles, with structured crisp lines for the outerwear pieces, and draped light silhouettes for the dresses.  The different looks in this collection have similar textures, created by using an appliqué technique on the fabric used for the dresses. Meanwhile, there is a variation with the outer pieces, as scuba fabric is used for 3 of the cropped jackets and the uneven coat, and organza is used for the remaining 2 outer pieces. The dresses are tied together in the collection by the use of the same triangular silhouette, and the use of empire waist seams, drawstrings with ribbons and bows.



Wrk JLC copy.pptx.jpg

I think this collection is interesting and exciting due to the different styles that are being incorporated together. One is girly and almost childish and princess-like, while the other looks more cold and geometrical, just like the beginning of spring. It combines 2 types of fabrics that are usually not put together in a look: neoprene scuba and cotton voile. 2 different color schemes: pastel colors and dark greys/black. The feeling of being conflicted wanting to show more skin, and wanting to cover up.


The second style I love is inspired by vintage lingerie. Basically, the chemise, bloomers, corsets, and sleeping gowns re-imagined as modern-day wear. 

It is very hard for me to go out and wear what I like when I am alone. Because I am a small woman, I’m often the target of sexual harassment from men when I decide to wear my fairy-like style outdoors. I resort to dressing more masculine when I am out by myself.


What was your inspiration for your collection?

I have two very different design styles that I love. One of them is inspired by clean architectural lines, very minimalistic in color yet very bold and expressive in design. This is a more androgynous/unisex style that I like to wear personally, due to the empowerment boost I get when wearing it.


With this collection, I want to marry my two different styles and at the same time make a statement about our society. About the sexualization of women and the popularized “male gaze”, and the anxiety this gives women, basing it off my experiences and research. 

I am criticizing our society for internally blaming victims of rape, assault, and sexual harassment based on how they dress.

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Final Garments

Experimental Collection: Bioluminescence

This collection was inspired by bioluminescent plankton in the night beach view. It is a unisex collection featuring minimalistic designs with wearable technology features. It includes LEDs and optic fiber that gives humans light on the go, similar to the plankton that shines in the water. 

Final Garment