Jiawen Shi

Senior Collection: CONSTRAINT

Did you have a turning point/ moment when you knew you wanted to work in the fashion industry? What was it?

To be a fashion designer was always my goal since I was little. When I had a chance to go back to school since I took a two-year gap after I immigrated to America, I decided to go for my little dream. I like fashion and I like dressing because I think dressing can give me confidence. However, I found a new definition of fashion. Fashion is not just a person’s outfit; it is also a person’s personality and lifestyle. To be a fashion designer is not just designing a pretty dress or a cool pants, the more important thing is as a designer who can share the message for your clients to other people.


Work in Progress

Final Garments

Constraint Look 1

What do you plan on doing after graduation?


The plan of my career is to continue working in the fashion industry after graduation. A suitable fashion company will be my goal to continue learning fashion in a different place.

Constraint Look 2

What is your dream company to work for? Why?


I don’t have a specific dream company to work for because there are so many good companies. My main focus in the fashion industry is haute couture, specializing in women's wear including bridal gowns, evening gowns. For many little girls, I believe their dream is becoming a princess, so was mine when I was little. Even though I am not little anymore, there is still a princess in my heart. Being a designer in gowns, is my dream, and I think this is what I can do to help others to achieve their little dream.

Experimental Collection: TRANSFERMATION

Where do you envision yourself five years from now?

I don’t have a big goal to work globally, but I want to do is to work on what I like to do. In the next five years, I would like to work for a haute couture company to learn more experience, and I hope I will have my own fashion store one day.