Jocelyn Sanchez Temoche

I have decided to focus on fashion clothing in Los Angeles (LA for short). I do love the LA-style clothing. According to my mood board, the pictures show that each fashion designer is using recycled items, such as lottery tickets and denim pieces, to create those remarkable designs. A model named Mary Schmidt models a blossom origami dress that is made out of 1,600 lottery tickets. This dress has won both “People’s Choice” and “Red Carpet Worthy Skirt” prizes. I find it very cool with a bunch of origami to create a unique style for the fashion show. Then, these two pictures show two stores that sell recycled clothing. Buffalo Exchange can help the environment while making extra money towards the new wardrobe. You can also sell clothes that you don’t need by making an appointment. As you can see on my sketch, the first model is wearing a cocktail dress with a magenta top and a skirt made out of Starburst: FaveReds candy wrappers (my own creation). It would possibly be like a confetti or pinata skirt.

Fashion Sketches