Logan Bonner


Collection: GREEN SPACES

genderless collection


The concept of my collection, “Green Spaces”, focuses on the coexistence of nature and city. Specifically drawing influence from San Francisco, I wanted to showcase that despite living in a large city we can still connect to the natural world. I view the parks throughout San Francisco as an area to escape from the structured city that surrounds it. My collection attempts to showcase that idea through every aspect from the construction, materials, and the designs. The designs of the garments aim to represent nature or parks that are enclosed within a city. By using all-natural fibers, natural closures, and natural dyes, the fundamental aspects of the garments themselves relate to the concept, going further than just the designs. Each piece was hand dyed with natural dyes including, turmeric, indigo, acorn tannins, and iron. Corozo (nut buttons), cotton and metal zippers, 100% cotton threads, and cotton drawstrings were all used to help translate the concept through the garments. The hoodie was dyed with indigo and I let it be exposed to the air in a way to imitate the look of a sun faded garment, as if it was sitting in a park left to fade. For the shorts, they were dyed with acorns and then I used a technique called plant pounding. I collected flowers from parks and basically smashed the color into the fabric. The pants were dyed with acorns first then treated with iron to turn them gray, and the tank top was left undyed and then a turmeric overdyed with indigo shape was placed into the center. The collection aims to bring awareness to the environmental pollution that the fashion industry creates as well as show people how wonderful parks can be. I hope that my collection can show others that despite living in a city we can all still have a connection to the natural world around us. Clothing does not last forever; I designed these garments to eventually be returned and composted back into the earth after their lifecycle comes to an end.


What are you personally inspired by? 

My friends, skateboarding, music, nature, etc.

What made you want to be a fashion designer? 

Skateboarding is probably the biggest reason why I choose to pursue a career in something creative. I would also credit my friends, who are all very talented humans for inspiring me always. I wouldn’t say I specifically want to be a fashion designer but rather that I just enjoy creating and making things, and clothing is just one outlet that I love.

Work in Progress

Final Garments

Experimental Collection


My concept for the experimental collection was to show in the clothing the coming together of different inspirations. I wanted to hopefully translate a feeling of patching and putting different things together to become one singular thing. I am influenced and interested in so many things, and they all intersect with each other to help me create and make things. The collection focuses on creating tops that appear to be multiple pieces of fabrics put together to make up one thing. Despite their appearance of being pieced together, they are all one piece of fabric cut so that it seems to be multiple pieces. I used subtraction cutting to create the garments, in which instead of cutting patterns out you cut away the negative space. I used this technique to create single piece garments to help translate my concept. To further convey this idea, I first fabric dyed (with turmeric) then cut and sewed the garment together so that it had the look of multiple pieces of fabric. I wanted to physically show how many different influences and interests in my life come together to create things.