Lucy Hang

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What was the inspiration for your collection?

My collection is titled Pearlescent. I was mainly inspired by creating a collection based around female empowerment and strength, and what better representation of strength is there than a pearl. Pearls begin their life cycle as a meager liquid defense mechanism fighting against foreign matter and eventually materializes into the beautiful lustrous pearl that we are all familiar with.


I think that this idea is also a great representation of my personal life in general, with having to grow up really fast and deterring against all negative outside factors that were discouraging me from individual growth. Thus, I incorporated different details that would represent this well, from the use of the color purple and gold representing the power to the intricate beading and floral appliques.    

Pearlescent - Moodboard1024_1.jpg
Pearlescent - Fabric Story and Details10
Pearlescent - Fabric Story and Details10
Pearlescent - Final 2 Oufits That I am M

Did you have a turning point/moment when you knew you wanted to work in the fashion industry?


Yes, I definitely had a turning point in my life when I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry as an apparel designer. I’ve always loved the aspects involved in fashion and design since I was in the fourth grade. However, I grew up as a very academically serious student, graduating as a high school salutatorian, and always studying in my free time. I think that turning point took place when I was applying for college and realized that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life as an office worker working in a cubicle or desk area surrounded by paperwork that I could care less about. Therefore, I decided to pursue fashion design as the career path that I wanted my future endeavors to built towards.

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Final Garments

Look 1


Look 2


Experimental Collection

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Who is your favorite designer? Who do you look up to in the fashion industry?


My favorite designer, although unfortunate, will always be Alexander McQueen. His designs introduced me to the fashion industry and really opened up my perspective into the ability to defy fashion standard norms and destigmatize the industry.

Experimental Collection - Dystopic Reali
Experimental Collection - Final Outfit I


Final Garment