Mackenzie Pauley

I was personally inspired by the aesthetics and the style from the 70s with a modern twist that are flared jeans and structured pieces paired with more frilly and whimsical design. For this upcycling project, I chose to reuse old flannel pieces (e.g., men’s work shirts) to create a pair of flared two-toned pants, due to the possibility of not having enough material that truly matches, as well as playing into the current trend of split pants. As well as a cropped jacket matching the two-toned style of the pants.

What was your experience like working on this project?

My experience working on this project was a lot of fun, but a little crazy. With everything going on in the world right now, trying to sit and focus on creating something was fairly hard to do. It seems like keeping focus on one thing for longer than like two minutes is impossible, but it was definitely a fun concept that pulled me out of my design routine to try to make something that was a bit out of my normal comfort zone and work sustainably.