Mallory Jay Palpallatoc

Pasión de Amor Collection Fall 2022

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Experimental Collection

My concept is called Pasión de Amor Collection which translates to Passion of Love. My collection entails the union of two fated souls becoming as one called “Soul Mates”. The theme is about love, death, rebirth, and union. My concept comes from the Philosophical text by Plato called The Symposium.

My inspiration for creating my garments comes from the beauty and serenity of the beach and at the top of a hill nearby the bay. The sunset reminded me of the solar eclipse which is a night within a day, where I got my color story from. The sun and the moon coming together represents the union of the soulmates. The calm waves, beauty of roses, and the serene feeling of birds flying during sunset gave me the ideas to use for the elements of my design. 

My inspiration for my collection is from my curiosity about the beliefs that soul mates do exist. I’ve always been curious whether reincarnation really does exist where we kept being reincarnated because there are things we have to learn throughout different lifetimes in order to ascend and complete our mission in life. Throughout those lifetimes, our soul mate comes in to help us heal, learn and grow. Discovering about soul mates gave me another perspective that love and romance might not only be about physical and emotional attraction within the partners, but maybe… they have soul connections from a past life. This belief inspired me to create a story about the eternal love of a soul mate. I kept being reminded of The Symposium from Plato where he stated “ … and when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, something wonderful happens: The two are struck from their senses by LOVE, by a sense of belonging to one another, and by desire, and they don’t want to be separated from one another, not even for a moment.”

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Final Garments

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Senior Collection 1: Inamorata

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Final Garments

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Senior Collection 2: Amorosa

Work in Progress

My biggest takeaway from ADM major is that you can still be very creative in school as long as you manage your time very well while working. 

My designs are different from others because I have a belief that no one is able to visualize and express.

My favorite designers are Michael Cinco, and Alexander McQueen, and Karl Lagerfeld. 

I am most proud of still being able to show my story and creativity despite how tragic the pandemic caused us.

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Final Garments

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