Jacqueline Nevin

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My turning point is when I knew I wanted to work in fashion was in high school when I realized that I really enjoyed picking out my outfits for the week, and it brought a lot of self-confidence to me. I want others to feel the same way.  

My most proud moment was presenting at the California Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (CAFCS) leadership convention in the Spring of 2021 with my classmate Claudia Aguilera for our research about sustainability and fast fashion.

Tammy Nguyen

I went in as a business major and quickly realized that it was not for me. I’ve always loved fashion and decided if I was going to get a degree it might as well be something, I actually am passionate about, so I switched over to apparel and design. That’s when I really started to enjoy going to class because I was finally interested in what I was learning.  

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Suzy Oyunbataar

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I have always loved fashion from a young age. It all started with me wanting to be a runway model. I used to watch runway shows on TV and imitate them by walking across my living room with some bedsheets wrapped around me. I was so into fashion that my family sent me to a few runway classes and fashion design classes. As I grew older, I shifted from wanting to be a model to a fashion designer. I always knew that I wanted to have a career in the fashion industry, but I didn’t know I had so many options. I want to try out many different positions and experience different aspects of the fashion industry. So, I decided to major as a merchandiser.

Mackenzie Pauley

I think that the biggest thing I’ve learned in my time as an ADM Major is that I can create anything while also keeping a level of sustainability and accountability to the environment and the community. As the “next generation” of the fashion community, we have a responsibility and an ability to change the culture of fashion.

For me working for Versace would be a dream. Growing up I had always admired Gianni Versace’s talent and aesthetic. The influence he had on the fashion industry and the fact that the brand has continued to keep a hold of the industry is inspiring and I would love to be a part of that.

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Diana Reyes

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My interest and passion for fashion have been with me for years. The first time I knew this was the major I was in High School when I began sketching out outfits. I did have a turning point in the fashion industry when I got into the fashion program. As passionate as I am for fashion, I realize that I’m better in fashion merchandising and marketing.

After graduation, I hope to get a job or internship in the industry to learn more and be able to share my knowledge that I have gained here at SFSU. My dream company to work for at the moment is Levi’s, Nike, or Instagram. In five years, I hope to be working for Nike since it's my top brand that I love and would love to work for and maybe even design for.

Rustie Salayog

I was in Business management when I got to college, but I felt like the workload and the environment in that major weren’t really for me. In my second year in college, I started researching other majors where I can use my art and creativity, and my mentor and I came across Apparel design and Merchandising since I told the counselor I wanted to design shoes, so I applied to ADM the following year and got in on my third year. When I started the ADM classes, I never felt so interested and included in all the classes, and I felt like I found the right major since most of the workload for this major is like a hobby for me.

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Amber Leigh Sanchez

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One of the first things I learned from my ADM classes that the apparel industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution and waste due to over consumption and improper disposal of textiles. As someone who has dreamt of being apart of the apparel industry and an advocate for sustainability, I would what to start a company that only make, sell, and work with partners that believe in sustainable and natural products, as well as believe in worker’s rights. This company would be the epitome pf integrity and be completely transparent with the customers. Hopefully, more companies will see how a company like this works and can bring in more customers and follow in these footsteps. 

Monaliza Serrano

I remember how I always dreamt of becoming a fashion/creative director someday. I started my college journey as a business major when I later discovered that I have this stronger passion for arts and developing my own fashion aesthetic. I realized that I could integrate my business and creativity skills to pursue a career in fashion. I mean, why not? This is why I decided to transfer and switch majors from Business Administration to Apparel Design and Merchandising. One of my ultimate goals in life is to establish a stable and fulfilling career that will enhance my individual growth, while still being able to enjoy my passion for fashion. I also aspire to work for a fashion magazine like Vogue, become a stylist or a buyer.


My life's mantra: “If you choose to do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Serrano, Monaliza

Sarah Shahbaz

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The turning point when I knew I wanted to enter the fashion industry is when I chose to become the version of myself that I always envisioned. I have always loved the arts, fashion, and textile design, but did not see it as a feasible dream. After years of comfort and complacency, I had the courage to quit my job in the oil industry and enrolled back in school to pursue a career that would ultimately bring me happiness and allow me to use my creativity. Through education, I have achieved so much already and will achieve so much more after graduation. As I continue to manifest my dream, I have a new goal to work for a company that values, and practices align with my own such as fashion inclusivity and sustainability.

Jiawen Shi

To be a fashion designer has always been my goal since I was little. When I had a chance to go back to school since I took two years gap after I migrated to America, I decided to go for my little dream. I like fashion, and I like dressing myself because I think dressing can give me confidence. However, I found a new definition of fashion. Fashion is not just a person’s outfit; it is also a person’s personality and lifestyle. To be a fashion designer is not just designing a pretty dress or cool pants, the more important thing is a designer who can share the message for your clients to other people. 

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Stefania Soto

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Hi, I am Stefania Soto, an apparel merchandising student at SFSU. What I have been most proud of accomplishing as a merchandising major is my portfolio filled with different types of projects, I created within each ADM class. I feel proud to see how my creativity shined and flourished within each unique project. After graduation, I plan to apply to be a buyer at an apparel company and will perhaps come with moving to a different city. I knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry as a young girl after admiring my grandmother's sense of style and her love for fashion. I was able to learn a lot about quality and trends from her. If I can change something about the apparel industry, it would be for there to be more transparency and awareness about how fashion can be more ethical and sustainable around the world. I would love to be a part of a team/apparel company that values these practices when purchasing and making their clothing.

Hailey Thornton

There is not a specific moment that I can look back on. I have been interested in fashion for as long as I could remember. Ever since I was little I would love drawing and playing dress-up. When it was time for me to pick where I wanted to go to college, I had no question that I wanted to study fashion design.

Someone that I look up to in the fashion industry is Diane Von Fürstenberg. She is inspiring to me because she came from nothing and was able to become recognized in an industry that was dominated by males at the time. Not only is she an amazing designer but she will forever be known as the person who created the first “wrap dress”.

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Kelsey Tividad

I always knew I wanted to work in the fashion industry at a young age. Growing up, I enjoyed watching many T.V. shows, movies, music videos, and paid a lot of attention to fashion. I loved the idea of how fashion can bring out a person’s character. To me, it gives a glimpse into someone’s personality. In high school, I got the opportunity to choose fabric arts as a course and started watching design competitions. From there, I became more interested in drawing. Eventually buying my first sewing machine and began starting some of my projects. 

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Annette Candice Tongson

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During my second year as a computer science major, I volunteered at an on-campus initiative to help keep wearable clothing and usable textiles from the waste stream. I had always been drawn to fashion as a form of self-expression, but my volunteer experience motivated me to pursue a major I was more passionate about—Apparel Design and Merchandising.

One of my dreams is to work with Carl Jan Cruz, a former intern at Celine during Phoebe Philo’s reign. While emphasizing mindfulness in somaesthetics, his self-named brand draws inspiration from nostalgic Filipino influences—aspects I try to incorporate in my own personal aesthetic as well.

Mari Urano

Starting a new life in San Francisco changed my idea of fashion. I first came to San Francisco from Japan as a transfer student three years ago, and I was so surprised that there were many events or stores which supported sustainability or ethical fashion, such as free markets and thrift shops; since I had only seen a few sustainable clothing stores in Japan. People in San Francisco have a high motivation to sustainability in apparel, and I have loved the idea of wearing and recycling clothes in the community. It was the moment that I got interested to work with sustainability in apparel.

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Noa Whitlow

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If I could change something about the apparel industry, I would change the speed at which brands produce collections. I think the fashion seasons have become oversaturated with goods and honestly, who is purchasing resort wear? I believe you should produce less with more intention instead. 

As seen already, I think the resale sector of the apparel industry is going to grow exponentially. It’s less expensive to purchase goods secondhand, is sustainable, and allows for more appreciation of the craftsmanship behind the products. 

Bailey Wood

After I graduate I plan on either attending graduate school and studying abroad through their program or finding a fashion internship in Europe. I want to be able to go to another country for at least six months and dive right into the culture and fashion industry. I think traveling will be a great way to put my foot in the door and really discover what fashion opportunities are in store for me.

My dream company to work for would be Frankies Bikinis. This is because throughout my whole life I have lived in Southern California. I am absolutely in love with the beach and constantly wear bathing suits every chance I get. Being able to work for this company would be a dream come true and I know I would be able to bring passion and creativity into my work.

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Toshimasa Yamanaka

Yamanaka, Toshimasa.jpg

It all started with my insecurities and aspirations to be a cool guy when I was young. All actors I used to love and watch on films or TV shows, were looking stunning so I started dressing like them and realized that fashion is expansive then gradually obsessed with its attraction.

I am willing to startup my own company at the end of the day, so my own company is my dream company. I grew up on a small-contained island called Japan, so I just want to invent something unconventional on a global scale.