Misty Rae Deguzman


Collection: “Structured Chaos”

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“Structured Chaos” is inspired by Bombay Beach where Mother Nature meets the polluted Earth.  The shattered glass found all throughout the location was a huge inspiration for much of the pointed and geometric shapes of the garments.  Randomized placement of patches and asymmetric shapes makes the collection all the more interesting, just like this wasteland in the desert.  Earthy colors of Barren Tan, Rare Olive, and Midnight C are used to represent Mother Nature and her angry/sad feelings toward those who polluted her Earth.

The color scheme was a merge of two different color schemes I came up with, so it was inspired by both Edvard Munch and the shoot location I captured images of.

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Collection Sketches

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What made you want to be a fashion designer?

I’ve always been a creative person.  Growing up in tattoo shops with a tattoo artist as a dad, how could I not be?  I just didn’t know how I wanted to express my creativity; I didn’t ALWAYS want to be a fashion designer.  Saying it’s been a lifelong dream of mine would be a lie, but I’m happy with the path I chose.  I believe I could have a successful brand of my own, but where, when, how?  I’ll have to see, but for now, I’m content with the decisions I’ve made and am excited to see what the fashion industry has in store for me.

Who is your favorite designer? Who do you look up to in the fashion industry?

Olivier Rousteing.  I have wanted an internship with Balmain forever if they even do internships.  I love his aesthetic, and as the creative director of Balmain at only 34, he is so successful for being so young!  I have also been pretty obsessed with Paolo Sebastian since his AW 2017 Gilded Wings collection–I’m still in love with the sleeved gown with iridescent wing-inspired embroidery from that collection.

Final Garments


Experimental Collection: “Misconception”

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This collection was based on the misconception of misunderstood animals–Pitbulls.  They are stereotyped to be big, mean, scary, and aggressive, but as a little girl growing up walking dogs three times the size of her, I know just how kind, loving, and protective they can be.  I represented their accessories in the spikes I added atop the leather fabric I selected to show their toughness.  The pastel colors, however, depict their true, harmless selves.  Anything with a mouth has the capability to bite, and if they’re provoked, aggression is just a reaction to any action done to them first.

Collection Sketches


What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time as a design major?


In my time as a design major, I’m definitely most proud of my senior collection–it was so fun being able to bring my designs to life, start to finish.  From my brain to paper, to drapes, to patterns, to selecting the fabrics and trim items, to creating the final products.  It was a slightly stressful journey, but definitely worth it!

What is the biggest takeaway from your time as an ADM major?

The biggest takeaway from my time as a design major is to be confident in your skills and not to second-guess your abilities.  Do not limit your designs to what you think you’ll nail, try something you think is hard or even impossible because the results will shock you.  

Final Garment