Olivia Oliphant

Senior Collection:

Enchanted Pathways Collection

What are you personally inspired by?

Nature, paintings, architecture, and music all inspire me! Especially nature. Stepping outside, the quality of light is constantly changing.

Seeing the same vantage point under different circumstances keeps hope and the creative spirit alive.

What made you want to be a fashion designer? 


My Great-Grandma Dorothy was an accomplished seamstress. She was a major influence in my decision to become a designer.

My Mother is the reason I am who I am today! She is an Interior Designer and always encouraged me to play with fabric and color. And to be the best version of myself.


Thank you to moms everywhere—for all you do!

Final Garments

Olivia StylizedPhotos1024_1.jpg
Olivia StylizedPhotos1024_2.jpg

Experimental Collection: Every Where

What is your biggest takeaway from your time as an ADM major? 

I am extremely blessed in this life! I realize I have all the tools and skills I need to accomplish anything I want to do.

I’ve learned the joy of focus and appreciation for every moment.

Final Garment

Olivia StylizedPhotos1024_3.jpg