Pooj Malla

Collection 1

Collection 1 is inspired from a mother nature. I love being in nature, there I find my peace. These earthy tones remind me that I am closer to home. 

Being surrounded by nature-inspired  colors will feel more restful and calming to a consumer navigating a challenging world. I believe this collection will reassure people and comfort them, make them feel warm and rich.

What made you want to be a fashion designer?

Fashion Designing is an art form and a love. The ability to create a vision with your own hands. Watching that drawing, the sketch, to the choice of what fabric and color to use, to actually seeing it walk down a runway is really fascinating to me. The whole process of making the garment coming to life is very satisfying.

Final Garments

Collection 2

Collection 2 is a spring mood. This spring is little extra special, it was really refreshing seeing different types of spring flowers and wildflowers blooming everywhere more than ever. Spring is the time when nature awakes, so to speak. Everything is fresh and alive and new. This  collection is a refreshment in a closet with some exaggeration and freshness. Welcome to exaggeration club.

Did you have a turning point/moment when you knew you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

Mainly I love clothes. I started to work at retail store about 5 years ago and I really enjoyed getting a chance where I could style customers and just expressing yourself through clothes. I always knew I wanted to be a part of fashion industry but definitely my job gave me that eye opening moment. I also believe in doing what makes you happy and that actually made me happy. 

Final Garment