Rustie Salayog

Senior Collection

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time as a design major?

The thing that I'm most proud of as a designer is Making all my styled fashion sketches come to life. I’m also proud that I'm doing all the hard tasks during a pandemic such as pattern making and sewing the garment to finish, since it was hard for me to make space at home to work on garments.

What are you personally inspired by?

I’m inspired by strangers that have their own fashion sense even though these strangers don’t own high fashion pieces. The strangers that make a dollar shirt and thrifted garments look like a designer. I’m also inspired by the people from the old era that wear baggy garments.

Experimental Collection

Did you have a turning point/moment when you knew you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

I was in Business management when I got to college  But I felt like the workload and the environment in that major wasn’t really for me. On my second year in college I started doing research about other majors where I can use my art and creativity and me and my mentor came across to Apparel design and Merchandising since I told the counselor i wanted to design shoes, so I applied to ADM the following year and got in on my third year. When I started the ADM classes I never felt so interested and included in all classes and I felt like I found the right major, since most of the workload for this major is like a hobby for me.

What was a defining fashion moment for you?

The defining fashion for me when I first made my first garment form pattern to finish.