Senior Collections


Jet Bond

My collection concept is inspired by the longing to travel the world post-COVID. I remember after just a few months of quarantine I was constantly listening to my friends saying, “I can’t wait to finally travel when this is all over”.  I created a winter travel collection that caters to the soon-to-be passenger waiting for their flight to board and keeping them warm, and comfortable regardless of the weather at their final destination.

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Evelyn Bonilla


My inspiration for my collection was to emphasize femininity, typically with the women's suit, while still displaying fitted dresses.


Logan Bonner

The concept of my collection, “Green Spaces”, focuses on the coexistence of nature and city. Specifically drawing influence from San Francisco, I wanted to showcase that despite living in a large city we can still connect to the natural world. I view the parks throughout San Francisco as an area to escape from the structured city that surrounds it.


Sheila Christine Bostic

Mood board for Sunday Afternoon at the M

Sunday Afternoon at the Museum; The After Tea Party is a “Mommy and Me” sized collection of tea-length tee shirt dresses, skirt,s and duster coat accessorized with my experimental zero waste collection of hand crochet, hand-dyed, hand-stenciled, and hand-stitched reverse applique top, hats, and bags.

Mood board for Sunday Afternoon at the M

Chloe Brunton

When I was on my year abroad I had the opportunity to visit Barcelona, Spain. I fell in love with the architecture and found out that most of it were that of Gaudi’s. My senior collection is inspired by his architecture and interiors of Barcelona.


Janeth Lacave Cardenas

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This collection is interesting and exciting due to the different styles that are being incorporated together. One is girly and almost childish and princess-like, while the other looks more cold and geometrical, just like the beginning of spring.


Jiaqi Chen

With sacredness, power, yearning, happiness, celebration, grandeur, reunion mood, and emotion, a "Longevity" feast was held and Royal relatives (guests) and Bayadere (models) were invited to participate. The emperor's birthday is called Longevity Day; taking may you attain boundless longevity is a national holiday. Celebrating the emperor's birthday was an important etiquette activity in the ancient palace. There will be prime ministers, relatives, and foreign envoys, instrumental music, dancers dancing on stage, and so on. To create outdoor scenes indoors, I will use champagne, water, fog, bamboo, lotus leaves, flowers, fish, rockery, white lights, in veils, and guzheng elements for the ink collection. 

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Silvana Contreras


My senior collection SCUM is inspired by my fear of growing older as a woman. We place so many expectations on women to stay looking young and as a young person, I already feel drained by it. I wanted to create something that was dark and powerful to reflect these strong insecurities I have, but I wanted to add comically large blood drips to represent how insane this fear truly is. It is a privilege to be able to live and grow older and it’s absurd to expect people to look and act unchanged.

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Misty Deguzman

“Structured Chaos” is inspired by Bombay Beach where Mother Nature meets the polluted Earth.  The shattered glass found all throughout the location was a huge inspiration for much of the pointed and geometric shapes of the garments.  Randomized placement of patches and asymmetric shapes makes the collection all the more interesting, just like this wasteland in the desert.  Earthy colors of Barren Tan, Rare Olive, and Midnight C are used to represent Mother Nature and her angry/sad feelings toward those who polluted her Earth.

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My collection is titled Pearlescent. I was mainly inspired by creating a collection based around female empowerment and strength, and what better representation of strength is there than a pearl.

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What was the inspiration behind your collection?

My inspiration behind my collection is bougie on a budget.

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Carroll Houston

The inspiration for my collection was Modern Architecture and Minimalism. I tried to marry those two concepts in my designs. I love that modern architecture focuses on lines, shapes, and functionality. It’s more about the beauty of the line, and form which lends itself to the minimalistic quality. There is a purity, simplicity, refinement, and elegance in those concepts that I found to be refreshing and stimulating. In my research I found a great source of inspiration in the architectural works of Zaha Hadid and Oscar Niemeyer.

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Joseph Katzman


My inspiration for the line was architecture, nature, and metamerism and how all of those aspects play out to add to the overall beauty of a “man-made” city. Different angles and ways to play around with space add to the everyday difference of the things we see, and I wanted to express that in my clothing line. 

mood board JK2.png

Wendy Liu

The concept of my Senior collection is “I’m the Villain”, I got the inspiration from female villains that are in movies, series, animes, and comics. Most of the time villains are seen as evil and crazy, but in me I see confident, elegant, powerful, bold, and queen of themselves.


Ruiliang Mai


Zero-waste helps to reduce textile waste. To decrease wastes, put every tiny piece of fabric to make a new fabric with a colorful appearance.

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Pooj Malla

Collection 1 is inspired from a mother nature. I love being in nature, there I find my peace. These earthy tones remind me that I am closer to home. Being surrounded by nature inspired colors will feel more restful and calming to a consumer navigating a challenging world. I believe this collection will reassure people and comfort them, make them feel warm and rich.


Haja Muhammad

The collection was inspired by the Regency era. Ever since I watched the television show, Bridgerton, I was inspired by the Regency look. I wanted to make something more 21st century, so I combined that with the Regency era. Other aspects include love, romance, novels/books, movies, and anything on social media. I was also inspired by the cottage core aesthetic and there were a lot of nature elements within this collection.


Devin Norans

My inspiration for this collection came from a rose garden. I was drawn to the gardeners’ workwear because of the simplicity of the silhouettes. With the simple lines from the uniforms, the Rose Garden itself and my love for Pop culture, Alice in Wonderland came to mind and my 2021 Collection came to life


Ar-Bell Obosa

Diaphanous Galaxies is inspired by Japanese fashion called cute lolita and the goth Lolita seen in Akihabara streetwear. Furthermore, it is combined with the fascination I have with astronomy. I love learning about this universe we live in and the many planets that shine. Shiny things are lovely; therefore, I wanted to incorporate translucent fabric due to the effect of it radiating from the sun.

Besides my deep love for galaxies and Japanese fashion, I wanted to make it unique that it truly is me by putting a pineapple symbol into my design. The pineapple signifies the pineapple fiber that is created in the Philippines used in our Philippines cultural clothing. The Pineapple lines symbolize

the nets of the shirt and stockings. Diaphanous Galaxies are made to set in the future that an alien civilization uses to wear translucent fabrics as their wardrobe.


Olivia Oliphant

Strength is found in unexpected places. Motion is necessary for growth. Nature and Form intertwine with Fabric Manipulation to define our “Enchanted Pathways Collection” Spring / Summer 2021.


Noah Pacaldo

For my collection, I really wanted to create something that's going to confuse people. I recently found a love for abstract art and would definitely say that it's inspired this collection. I wanted to translate this newly found love into garments and if you know anything about abstraction, you know that it's always different. Though I battle with knowing that there are people out there that have created everything, making it hard to be original. I still have to try! 


Mallory Jay Palpallatoc

My concept is called Pasión de Amor Collection which translates to Passion of Love. My collection entails the union of two fated souls becoming one called “Soul Mates”. The theme is about love, death, rebirth, and union. My concept comes from the Philosophical text by Plato called The Symposium.


Samantha Pedraza


Kelly Rivera

Runaway and never look back. Keep running and stay on the trails. The path will lead to an open space where freedom appears. Pass through the enchanted trees that block the view and light up its leaves and plants as the sky begins darkening up. Once you are in the open space, you will look at the candy-like colors hover over the blue sky gods as the sun begins resting on the clear blue liquid.

The cooling breeze will guide you to reach your destination: a place that is full of imagination, sensitivity, happiness, joy, nobility, wisdom, compassion, and love. As darkness appears in the sky, more lights from up above will illuminate the floral structures and leaves to brighten up the land of so-called fantasy. You will feel like you are in paradise. 


Rustie Salayog


I’m inspired by strangers that have their own fashion sense even though these strangers don’t own high fashion pieces. The strangers that make a dollar shirt and thrifted garments look like a designer. I’m also inspired by the people from the old era that wear baggy garments.


Jiawen Shi

To be a fashion designer is always my goal since I was little. When I had a chance to go back to school since I took two years gap after I immigrant to America, I decided to go for my little dream. I like fashion and I like dressing because I think dressing can give me confidence.


Thomas Soriano

The concept for my senior collection was inspired by my childhood. This collection is kind of an homage to my home city, NYC. I was inspired by many things in the city from colors, lines, graffiti, energy, mood, etc. Another big part of my childhood was sports, my favorite was baseball. Born a Yankees fan, I saw a game in the original Yankee stadium where Babe Ruth played before they tore it down. That was one of my fondest memories, so I definitely wanted to incorporate sports into my collection. Overall I wanted this collection to have a very classic NYC look and feel.


Evelin Arias Tinoco

This year, we created 2 separate collections. The inspiration for collection #1 was my Mexican and Guatemalan background and Disney. The inspiration for collection #2 was the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, specifically, the Sun Warriors, and by the fashion of ancient Mesoamerica and modern Southeast Asia. 


Elizabeth Vega

"My final collection is inspired by the Nereids, daughters of the sea in Greek mythology. I imagined one of them coming to the surface and falling in love with human streetwear. Denim is the main component of my collections because I feel it is classically American.