Sheila Christine Bostic


Sunday Afternoon at the Museum; 

The After Tea Party

Sunday Afternoon at the Museum; The After Tea Party is a “Mommy and Me” sized collection of tea-length tee shirt dresses, skirt,s and duster coats accessorized with my experimental zero waste collection of hand crochet, hand-dyed, hand-stenciled, and hand-stitched reverse applique top, hats, and bags.

Fabric Boards and Color Stories

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time as a design major?

I am most proud of actually being here (63 years young) as a design major to complete my Master’s Degree in Family and Consumer Sciences. I began my re-entry to complete my college education in 2008-I sitting in the women’s shelter in Redwood City when another resident saw my hand sewing to pass the time and he told me about the great costume department at CSUEBay and how since I love to sew costumes props and toys I should check it out. I followed that advice and subsequently graduated 2011 BA in Theatre for Children and Communities; went on to complete an AA in massage therapy at Deanza College 2012; complete an AA in Apparel Design and Manufacture at College of Alameda 2018 and combined with the two years I completed at Penn State University 1975-1977 I am now one year away from the Master’s Degree at SFSU. I love it all and I feel very blessed to be here now.

Work in progress this semester!


What is the biggest takeaway from your time as an ADM major?


One of the biggest takeaways of my time as a design major is all the experiences and insights I gained participating in the study abroad programs that I was able to access during my design schoolwork. We went to Scotland’s Fringe Festival with CSUEBay Theatre Department in 2010. The trip also included a visit to London. I went to Jamaica as a part of the Social Justice Initiative at Laney College in 2018. In 2019 I went to Egypt with the Arabic Department at Berkeley Community College.

Mood board for Sunday Afternoon at the M
Mood board for Sunday Afternoon at the M
Mood board for Sunday Afternoon at the M

What was the inspiration for your collection?


My two grown Daughters ages 39 and 40 and My two granddaughters 2 and 4 are my inspiration and muses. Zero waste living and slow sewing and the ramifications of both are a part of my aesthetic as well. I have worked in the textile retail industry for many years and have had my own sewing business since my first home economics class way back when in 1970.

Mood board for Sunday Afternoon at the M

What are you personally inspired by?


Sewing is a survival skill and a personal meditation that inspires me to create beautiful useful costumes props toys clothing and soft furnishings from natural fibers