Silvana Contreras

Collection: SCUM

What was the inspiration for your collection?


My senior collection SCUM is inspired by my fear of growing older as a woman. We place so many expectations on women to stay looking young and as a young person, I already feel drained by it. I wanted to create something that was dark and powerful to reflect these strong insecurities I have, but I wanted to add comically large blood drips to represent how insane this fear truly is. It is a privilege to be able to live and grow older and it’s absurd to expect people to look and act unchanged. 

Senior Collection 1_3.jpg

Final Collection Sketches

Senior Collection 1_2.jpg

What made you want to be a fashion designer?


I have been sewing since I was in middle school and immediately fell in love with the process of it. There is so much that goes into designing and every step can lead you to a completely different outcome. Fabric, cut, shape, embellishments, and color can all drastically change the way a garment looks. I also love the power that comes with understanding how to create it feels so liberating. You have an idea, you figure out how to make it happen, you make it happen, and then you have a physical product.

The best part is that you learned so much along the way that you will only get better with each project. It makes me excited just thinking about where my progress will be in a few years.

Final Garments

Experimental Collection

Experimental Collection 2_3.jpg

My experimental collection “Wear Pockets Not Clothes” is what clothing would look like if we only wore it to hold things. Women's clothing has far too few pockets so I wanted to design something that could hold everything we needed while still looking chic and modern. I like to think of it as a classy version of cargo pants. 

Experimental Collection 2_1.jpg
Experimental Collection 2_2.jpg

What are you most proud of accomplishing in your time as a design major?


I am really proud of all the information I have retained as a design major. I have learned so much about the complexities of sewing and have gained so much confidence in my work. Learning about draping, drafting, and designing has given me what feels like all the tools to create whatever I want, and I am excited to be able to continue to use this information in future projects. 

Final Garments

Collection 2.jpeg
Collection 1.jpeg
Collection 3.jpeg