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Design Concept: Wind Breeze
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What was your experience like working on this project?

This is my first time doing a project like this and it's been pretty difficult as this is not in person. Doing things on my own was hard as I knew nothing about fashion and so everything was new to me. Although it was hard, I still had a fun time designing and coming up with a concept and drawing my collection.

For my design project, the inspiration of my collection comes from watching Chinese TV shows. From one show, there were performers wearing Hanfu and I just fell in love with clothes. The drape from the Hanfu looked as if there was wind when dancing. From that, the re-use element I picked was using old curtains. I picked curtains because of its drape and how using old curtains would be nice to turn into dresses as curtains have many intricate designs on them. I decided to call it Wind Breeze because I wanted to emphasize on the dress being long and flowy.

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